NIL Money Moves - A Conversation with Kassandra Ramsey

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During this episode, we speak with Kassandra Ramsey, a sports and entertainment attorney. She is the founder of The Law Office of Kassandra Ramsey and The Esquire Coach. She also serves as the Sports Law Chair for the Washington, D.C. Bar’s Arts, Entertainment, Media, and Sports Law Community. Kassandra has written an e-book on NIL (The NIL Era - What College Athletes Need to Know).

Kassandra discusses her journey into the NIL world and the tools and education that she believes will most benefit student athletes as they take advantage of NIL opportunities. She discusses the importance of understanding trademarks and the legal implication of NIL opportunities and legislation. She provides a few suggestions on influential people within the NIL world, such as Darren Heitner and Kristi Dosh.

She also talks about past decisions based on NIL opportunities that student-athletes have had to face, such as the University of Central Florida’s Donald De La Haye and his YouTube channel, Deestorying. She discusses her experience in writing a speech for George Wrighster that was presented to Congress regarding student-athlete rights.

We talk about some of our favorite Nillies from the past few weeks, including Patrick McCaffrey’s deal with Falbo Brothers Pizza and Jordan Davis’ deal with Morgan & Morgan.

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Washington, D.C. Bar’s Arts, Entertainment, Media, and Sports Law Community
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