Change your interior, Change your Life

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Aryo Falakrou, An author, an inventor, and an architectural designer, with over 34 years of progressive experience in architectural and interior designs, Aryo has helped almost 1000 clients put “style into their lifestyle.”

His focus is to solve homeowners’ problems when it comes to renovating or building their dream homes. Architecture is a combination of Art & Engineering, and Aryo adds Philosophy and Psychology into the process to create harmony, functionality, and beauty in homes that stand the test of time.

Aryo loves to spend time with his family and travel as many places as he can, but his passion is to design extraordinary homes for extraordinary people. He loves outside the box thinking and stays away from routine and cookie cutting approaches! His mission is to motivate his clients to build environmentally friendly homes!

His creative designs help people find peace with themselves and create a sanctuary so they can enjoy their life. A healthy life starts from a healthy home!

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