Welcome to the Unknown 2021

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As we continue forward beyond the havoc of 2020, we are witness to the calamity of a display of unaccountable toxic masculinity in the political arena of the United States. Toxic masculinity, as evidenced imo through Christianity (and although unmentioned, all patriarchal monotheistic religions), and therefore encouraged, enforced and downright expected from society actually causes monumental damage within society.

Honoring both the feminine and masculine while owning ones choices and actions, while sitting through the discomfort of uncomfortable conversations, is the only way of being authentic. Moving forward isn't scary because of moving into the unknown, it's because we are afraid of being surprised yet again by unexpected trauma, like we've experienced in the past.

Rather, let's move into the unknown of 2021, and bring with it our ability to see clearly that which we witness, calling out what we see and holding each other and ourselves accountable. Sovereign beings abound!

#clearconscious #authenticrelating #clarity #personalresponsibility #truth #wakeup

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