The Tough Road Ahead

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Welcome to Navy Sports Central - The Official Podcast of the Navy Sports Nation!
In this episode, we'll get into some of the reasons for the football team's rough start to the year as well as what the future looks like following the loss to Air Force.
And as always, we'll take a look at how the fall season is shaping up with some of the other sports, get your thoughts on the Question of the Day, and check in with the two athletes we're featuring in our Mid Watch segment.
At the 18:45 mark, there is a reference made to Xavier Arline needing to be more patient with his reads. Though it is implied, I wanted to be clear that I was referencing times the rare occasions when the Mids' throw the ball. Of course when running the ball, making the correct read quickly is critical. And there's still a bit of a learning curve for the Navy QBs in that area.

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Win or lose, do you think the Mids rushing attack will produce over 300 yards against Houston?
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