Weekly Astrology July 18th - 25th ”A Slow Approach”

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The showdown between the Sun, Mercury and Pluto continues and the tumbleweeds roll on through as we wait to see who will make the next move. A stickiness is in the air and a sense that something of importance is looming, and yet there is no movement, only the mundane world demanding us to keep trodding through evening though all we want is to embrace laziness and nap in the sun. We are all watching patiently and tired of waiting for someone to draw their pistols. And yet nothing happens, but we all know something is still coming!

Join Ria-Mae every week as she brings a sobering perspective to our collective experience by deconstructing reality through the lens of astrology and the new age bull.

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YOUR HOST Alchemist at Spirit Energy Medicine Ria-Mae Long spiritenergymedicine.com info@spiritenergymedicine.com

A weekly show on; #astrology #tarot #prophecy #religion #philosophy #psychedelicspirituality #meditation #yoga #healthandwellness #politics #conspiracytheories #newagebullshit

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