N. M. Leite, Q. E. Castañeda, K. Adams, "The Ethnography of Tourism: Edward Bruner and Beyond" (Lexington, 2019)

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Edited by Naomi M. Leite, Quetzil E. Castañeda, and Kathleen M. Adams, The Ethnography of Tourism: Edward Bruner and Beyond (Lexington Books, 2019) focuses on the experience-near, interpretive-humanistic approach to tourism studies widely associated with anthropologist Edward Bruner. The contributors draw on their fieldwork to illustrate and build upon key concepts in tourism ethnography, from experience, encounter, and emergent culture to authenticity, narrative, contested sites, the borderzone, embodiment, identity, and mobility.

The Ethnography of Tourism won the 2020 Edward Bruner Book Prize from the Anthropology of Tourism Interest Group (American Anthropological Association).

Dr. Naomi Leite is Associate Professor of Anthropology at SOAS, University of London. Dr. Quetzil Castañeda is Senior Lecturer at Indiana University Bloomington. Dr. Kathleen Adams is Professor of Anthropology at Loyola University Chicago.

Emily Ruth Allen (@emmyru91) is a PhD candidate in Musicology at Florida State University. She is currently working on a dissertation about parade musics in Mobile, Alabama’s Carnival celebrations.

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