The Small Literary Press: An Interview with Nana Ariel and Uri Yoeli of Home Press (Israel)

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Home Press is a tiny local publishing house and press in Tel Aviv Jaffa. Uri Yoeli and Nana Ariel, a couple, established it in their apartment in 2019. The Home Press booklets are thin, hand-sewn with needle and thread, printed in small, numbered editions, and as opposed to bibliophilic books - cheaply produced and sold. They vary from prose and poetry to history and artist books. Home Press is an independent venture, inspired by the history of self publishing, but not nostalgic. It is a local, ecological home for books, largely detached from the book market, fueled by love for words, books and people.

Nana Ariel is a writer, a researcher and a teacher. She teaches rhetoric at Tel Aviv University, formerly a visiting scholar at Harvard University. She published articles in international magazines, and is the author of books in Hebrew, including: “Manifestos: Restless Writing on the Brink of the 21st Century”, and the children’s book “The Most Boring Book in the World”.

Uri Yoeli is a writer, independent historian and a highschool teacher. He is the author of several books in Hebrew, including “We Need to Talk about the Rabbi: A Story of a Little Street between Jaffa and Tel-Aviv”, and “The Voice of Thunder: Notes and Stories in First Person”.

Dr. Yakir Englander is the National Director of Leadership programs at the Israeli-American Council. He also teaches at the AJR. He can be reached at:

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