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Today, on this episode of Next Level Skiing, I had the opportunity to speak with Angel Collinson, a professional Freeskier. Angel explains how she was bred into skiing and originally started out with a different goal for her career. We talk about how visualization, meditation, and deep breathing have improved her performance and lifestyle; Angel explains why these methods of self-care are such an important part of the gig and explains how she benefits from the practices. We also discuss how her “feminine approach to fear” and her not-so-secret-mantra has made her one of the best in the world.

Tune in to hear important insights from Angel and how to take your skiing to the next level.


[02:10] Angel was bred into skiing by growing up at Snowbird Ski Resort.

[02:51] Angel had lofty racing aspirations

[05:15] Visualization is a technique that helps Angel manage fear.

[09:52] Angel talks about the importance of self-care and being “resourced enough”.

[15:15] Deep breathing exercises and their benefits.

[18:00] How Angel gets over nervousness prior to a race.

[21:05] Why fear is a tool.

[24:00] Angel explains why it’s not bad to “back off”.

[27:01] The two pieces of advice that have resonated for Angel.

[28:43] If you want more info, head to


“I’m sort of, like, an all or nothing person.” -Angel Collinson

“If you don’t realize how stressed out you are or tired you are, sometimes you won’t make as good decisions, because you don’t realize where you’re at.” -Angel Collinson

“I’ve never been afraid to [back off].” -Angel Collinson


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