Kim Reichhelm: The Most Important Thing Is Having Fun

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On today’s episode, our guest is Kim Reichhelm. Kim is an NCAA All-American Ski Racer, who pioneered big mountain skiing. Considered one of the most influential American skiers, her clinics, camps, and trips have helped other skiers hone their skills.

Join us as we discuss how she got into skiing, the ways in which skiing has changed, and how she runs her clinics.


[02:00] Kim grew up in a competitive, athletic family.

[03:06] Kim’s father decided the family was going to take up skiing.

[04:01] By age six, Kim knew she wanted to be on a ski team.

[06:38] It’s in her nature to push the envelope.

[10:00] Changes Kim has observed in the industry.

[10:28] Kids doing big mountain skiing now, grew up with it.

[14:00] How Kim runs her clinics and trains skiers.

[20:20] When people can’t see where they’re going, it’s stressful and intimidating.

[22:18] Helping other skiers feel confident.


“I was fortunate enough to start skiing a hundred days a year from the time I was twelve.”

“The envelope has just been pushed so much harder...especially for the women.”

“When I’m guiding and teaching...I really try to take small steps and build confidence.”


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