Skylar Holgate: Be The Water, Not The Rock

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On today’s show, I speak with my good friend, Skylar Holgate of Silverton Mountain Guides out of Durango. Skylar and I have shared a lot of great adventures, however what makes him most interesting is how many days he’s logged on major mountains around the globe.

Skylar and I talk about his experience as a racer turned big mountain snowboarder and how he passes on his expertise from a lifetime of advanced mountain experience.

Join us for this very special episode.


[03:37] Skylar’s transition from skiing to snowboarding.

[04:45] Skylar’s priorities in his twenties.

[06:01] Helping people achieve results and overcome fear.

[10:00] The challenges of adjusting resort style to backcountry/heli-skiing.

[13:50] Why it’s important to familiarize yourself with new gear before skiing.

[16:45] Skylar’s excitement about showing people the ropes and helping them improve.

[21:45] Differences and similarities between resort skiers and professional skiers.

[23:38] How he handles giving advice to professionals.

[25:53] Important turn advice.

[31:54] The best way to communicate with someone who is struggling.

[36:05] The most helpful advice Skylar has received.

[37:50] The main talent of Silverton Mountain Guides.

[38:40] The importance of trying new things.


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