Ted Mahon: It's All Fancy Footwork

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On this episode of Next Level Skiing, I speak with Ted Mahon, one of Colorado’s most respected mountain athletes. He has an impressive 25 years of experience in skiing and mountaineering. During most of that time, he has worked as a ski instructor. He has also skied most of the country’s highest mountains. On top of this, he has helped countless skiers reach their peak level of performance.

Join us for an interesting conversation about preparation, uphill clinics, and Ted’s mountain experience.


[02:44] Tips for kicking off your ski vacation on the right foot.

[06:05] Skiing with returning clients.

[07:45] Why it’s important to show up with a basic level of fitness.

[08:35] What separates a great skier from a great bowl skier.

[11:33] Ted’s uphill clinics and who attends them.

[13:46] Weekly social uphills at Buttermilk.

[15:10] The appeal of backcountry skiing.

[18:18] Easing people into backcountry skiing.

[20:35] How boots can affect your footwork and the effort you have to exert.

[23:12] Advanced uphill clinics and what they offer.

[29:41] Picking your peaks.

[32:15] Thinking back on the highlights of his career.

[34:10] Ted’s parting advice to other skiers.


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