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Today, I had the chance to speak with Olympic skier, Tommy Moe. Tommy joined the US Ski Team at only sixteen years-old. He spent twelve years as a member of the team and won the silver and gold medals at Lillehammer in 1994. Today, he works as a Ski Guide in Jackson Hole and is one of the Heli-Skier guides at the amazing Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in Alaska.

Listen in to hear about Tommy’s journey as an Olympic skier, what he did to improve his technique, and how skiing has changed since his days on the US Ski Team.


[01:45] In 2005, Mike Overcast and Tommy opened up a Heli-Skiing business in Alaska.

[02:30] Tommy starting skiing at a young age in Montana, where his father was a member of the ski patrol.

[03:18] He joined the US Ski Team in 1986 at Copper Mountain.

[03:32] When he was 12, he moved to Alaska, where he attended a ski academy. His training there lead to his becoming a member of the US Ski Team.

[05:20] He had the bug from an early age and this lead him to pursue skiing with a fiery determination.

[06:08] Tommy went to summer camp at Mt. Hood, when Phil and Steve Mayer talked to the kids about being on the World Cup team.

[06:36] When Tommy started racing at a young age, he always had the drive to improve and keep up with others.

[07:55] You can improve simply by skiing with your friends.

[08:32] If you want to improve, Tommy suggests hiring a ski instructor or attending a ski clinic.

[08:54] There are great “steep and deep” camps at Jackson Hole.

[10:15] When he was racing on the Ski Team, they would video tape everything, so they could analyze their techniques.

[10:48] When Tommy was a younger skier, he was aggressive, but had a loose style.

[11:18] When he started improving his form, he focused on improving his angulation and form.

[12:45] Improving his angulation was one of the best things Tommy did to improve his technique.

[13:15] The construction of skis is so different now and it allows for amazing turns where you won’t “boot out”.

[15:25] Ski tech has improved so much that you can now stand on both feet and equally weight your skis.

[15:50] In this day and age, you’re doing race turns with 60% of your weight on the outside foot and 40% on the inside.

[16:05] It looks like perfect railroad tracks, which is vastly different from how it was even in the 80’s.

[17:45] Most of the Heli-Skiers are pretty seasoned skiers, but Tommy likes it when he gets people who ask for advice.

[19:00] Tommy works as a Ski Guide in Jackson Hole, as well. If he sees someone having a hard time, he will give them pointers that will help them attack the mountain.

[20:30] Skiing is a lot like dancing, in that everyone has their own technique.

[21:30] Tommy believes that you always want to be on the offensive when skiing.

[22:54] The Art of Skiing is a classic book that still serves as a great resource.

[24:22] Tommy’s dad used to let him skip school to ski on powder days.

[24:30] Now, Tommy is dealing with teaching his young daughters to ski.

[25:04] His kids are just as enthusiastic about skiing as their parents (Tommy’s wife was also an Olympic skier).

[27:30] Tommy and Jason discuss the quick feet of various Olympic skiers and how techniques have changed over the years.

[28:45] Tommy thanks everyone that has a passion for the sport and encourages enthusiasts to get out there and keep working on their skills.


“I always dreamed about being in the Olympics and, luckily enough, I was able to compete in three.” -Tommy Moe

“A lot of times, in skiing, if you want to improve, it’s usually just one thing at a time.” -Tommy Moe

“A lot of times, when you powder ski, it’s about rhythm.” -Tommy Moe


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