Coping with Infertility and Grief

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1 in 8 couples experience an infertility journey. A journey that involves physical, emotional and financial stress, while straining relationships. In this episode, we discuss the mental toll, heartbreak, grief, and thankfully, hope - with FabFertility's very own, Blair Nelson.

About Blair Nelson:

Blair Nelson is an infertility warrior who began her journey in 2018 after being told IVF was the only way to grow her family due to an inherited genetic factor her husband, Will, was born with. After their second embryo transfer from their first round of IVF treatment, Blair suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage that redefined her life. Ever since then, she has made it her mission to bring facts, tips, inspiration and most importantly a voice to the topic of infertility. She found refuge in her difficult times online among women who have had similar experiences, and she wants to return the favor. Her Instagram account, Fab Fertility, has grown into a brand, podcast and blog. She also co-founded Fertility Rally in 2020, an event and membership platform to support and educate anyone building their modern family. After five rounds of IVF, countless shots and procedures, Blair and Will are expecting their rainbow baby girl in May of 2021.

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