Trauma Can Happen in Your Faith

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Crises of faith can happen in response to grief and loss, but they can also often be the result of discrepancy between ones personal life and the doctrines of their faith. The way a spiritual community responds to and support members largely determines whether the faith community becomes a source of support and mental resilience or shame and mental trauma. In fact an emerging field in psychotherapy is Religious Trauma. Here to help us navigate this sometimes scary world of challenging faith communities, finding your own spiritual path, or improving your faith community from within is NFCC's Clinical Director, Audrey Omenson, MA, LPC-S.

About Audrey:

Audrey is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and the Clinical Director at the Nick Finnegan Counseling Center (NFCC). She oversees all of the clinical work done at NFCC, including the training and supervision of graduate practicum counselors and LPC-Associate counselors. She joined NFCC in 2014 but has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families in the mental health field since 2009. Her counseling experience includes work in outpatient clinics and schools, supporting clients challenged by anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, Autism spectrum disorders, and other neurological differences. She also works with clients who have experienced religious/spiritual trauma. In addition to serving as NFCC's, clinical director, Audrey operates her very own private practice focusing on religious trauma as well as major life transitions with adults and teens. Audrey also works as an artist creating beautiful canvas pieces, is a certified yoga instructor, and enjoys time with her family, adorable niece, and sweet rescue dog, Sedona.


Audrey’s Private Practice

Leaving the Fold By Marlene Winell

Sacred Wounds: A Path to Healing from Spiritual Trauma By Teresa B. Pasquale

Rebuilding A Sense of Self: Coping with Religious Trauma Syndrome Podcast Episode from ‘Mindshift Podcast’

For Religious Institutions Looking to be Preventative of Trauma

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