Motivating Process Workers: Mundane jobs are tough!

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Episode #151 // I was being interviewed for a podcast in the US a few weeks ago, and the interviewer asked an excellent question: he said, “it’s all well and good when you talk about motivating professionals and senior leaders, but not everyone has jobs like that. How do you motivate people who have mundane, repetitive, and mind-numbing jobs?”

Although we tend to imagine occupations like cleaners, fruit pickers, and production line workers when we think about mundane jobs, we may have many of these types of workers in our own offices and work groups. Think of the payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable departments.

In this episode, I reference a fabulous documentary, American Factory, which treats this subject exceptionally well. I also give six tips for motivating the people who do these difficult jobs. You don’t have to be a high flyer to deserve competent leadership - it’s a right, not a privilege.

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