Bonus Audio only Podcast! Green Shoots Abound!

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Glenn Haussman and Chris Green, the CEO of Chesapeake Hospitality share a lively and encouraging discussion about the green shoots sprouting as the travel & hospitality sector recovers. This session was held for the Entrepreneur's Organization.

Some takeaways:

  • Chesapeake was very conservative with their cash leading up to the pandemic - 18 months of payroll in the bank. They sacrificed much to ensure that they could keep their leadership team intact for the recovery.
  • They really watched and managed their cash on a daily basis
  • Hotel assets might be able to be picked up this year at a 15-20% discount from their 2019 levels.
  • Best growth opportunities in the 65-115 room "Box Hotels" - easy to operate, and might be able to find owner/operators who want to get out of the business. Not in major metros, but around the perimeter
  • Interesting ratio to judge hotel occupancies: TSA Daily throughput : Hotel Nights booked = 1.85
  • Massive Upturn coming for hospitality.

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