Ep 73 - The Rus Vikings with Anatoly of Nytt Land

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This week Mathias and Daniel are sitting down with Anatoly Pahlenko one of the founders of the amazing band Nytt Land to talk about the Rus Vikings, as well as the bands most recent album: Ritual. Little known fact: Anatoly and his wife are both history students making him uniquely suited to discussing the Rus and Viking influence on one another. Also a lot of to-do will be made about what exactly we should call this genre that Nytt Land and Wardruna occupy, it turns out it's really complicated.

If you would like to check out Nytt Land's new album you can find it at: Nyttland.bandcamp.com/album/ritual

Also, Mathias recently wrote a book about volcanoes and their effect on Nordic Mythology which you can find it at: aup.nl/en/book/9781641892926/volcanoes-in-old-norse-mythology

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