Carmela Valles, Studying in Canada

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Carmela Valles, Owner of Carmela Valles Immigration Consulting Services explain the process to obtain the visa for international Students to study in Canada. We talked about the wonderful Filipino community and their contribution to our Local Economies, Health Care and Personal Care.
Rosa brought to discussion the 2022 - 2023 Federal budget and its provision for the Immigration Sector. Later in the podcast, Emilio explained the difference between Refugees and the Citizen from Ukraine coming to Canada.
Carmela Valles Immigration Consulting Services
Mireya Liliana Perez
Aspa Bouzinelos
17 Regent Street, Box 788, Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0
Northumberland Settlement Services
1-800-354-7050 or 905-372-3329 Ext. 6256

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