Ixchel Suarez: Art Through Treads, a Successful Story

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Ixchel Suarez is a famous textile and tapestry artist who recently moved to Warkworth in Northumberland County. At 8 years old she moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario with her family, when her father, a Mexican renowned violinist and orchestra conductor, accepted the direction of the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra. For Ixchel, Canada was always in her heart. She also talked to us about programs , community and her projects in the future.
Rosa and Emilio also talked about settling in Canada and the Immigration Level Plan 2022-2024 from IRCC.
Oak Height Art Gallery
341 Covert Hill Rd, Warkworth, ON K0K 3K0
https://www.oakheightsartgallery.com/ https://www.ixchelsuarez.com/ https://www.canadiantapestrycentre.com/ https://oakheightsartstudios.square.site/residency
Residency in Music, Poetry, Visual Arts, Photography and more.
Telehealth 1-866-797-0000

Supplementary Information for the 2022-2024 Immigration Levels Plan

For more information in Settlement Services:

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