[Childfree Men Series] Part 1 Can you relate to these childfree men?

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Today is part one where I share responses from an ongoing one question survey.

We are all childfree humans, that is what brings is together. Ever wonder if being a childfree man is very different from being a childfree woman.

In this context this would apply to a human that identifies as a man.

I know that men, women and humans that are childfree are going to relate to these responses and see themselves and their lives.

We all have some struggles with friendships and of course society. Are you a childfree man(identify as one)? I need your HELP.

I want to make sure that there are episodes that you want to hear. You can help by answering ONE question on this survey.

Leave a message, a question, an episode idea, or just say HELLO!

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