Stanley Bill on the sources of PiS's success

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This week, in a reversal of roles, Notes from Poland editor-at-large Stanley Bill is in the podcast hot seat, giving a range of his own perspectives on Polish politics in an interview with Fabian Eiden, based in Heidelberg, Germany.

The conversation was recorded for the Committee on Constitutional affairs of the 93rd International Session of the European Youth Parliament, taking place this July in Warsaw. Stanley Bill agreed to give his views for the delegates on the state of Polish democracy, the reasons for PiS’s electoral success, the campaign against LGBT communities, the role of the European Union, and the problems of the Polish opposition.
Fabian Eiden is one of the organisers of the European Youth Parliament and a PhD candidate at Heidelberg University.

Also check out our previous interview with Barbara Nowacka on the crisis of Poland's opposition.

Producer: Sebastian Leśniewski

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