Aaron Judge finally did it! SELL THAT BALL!; MLB FURIOUS that Game 162 does not matter this year; Tua meets with NFL/NFLPA (Episode 673)

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Today’s word of the day is ‘62’ as in the record as in the Yankees record as in the American League record as in Aaron Judge’s record as in NOT the MLB record. Good for him. What’s next? Judge is going to get PAID! Postseason baseball is right around the corner. (10:00) There is no drama left for Game 162 in MLB. None. Everything is set. MLB must be FURIOUS! (18:00) Remember the drama of the Super League in soccer? Remember the backlash? Well, talks have returned! Florentino Perez is the president of Real Madrid and he wants the Super League back! (29:00) Review: Mack & Rita. (34:40) Tua Tagovailoa has met with the NFL and NFLPA. He is still in the concussion protocol and will be out this weekend. (41:50) NPPOD. (44:50) the Houston Astros have won 100 games again. They are the best team in the AL. But yet, the manager and GM do not have new deals yet. Why?

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