NRL Allstars - Talkin' Footy Episode 8

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NRL Allstars Talkin' Footy episodes have rotating guests discussing current topics in Rugby League. This episode Barnesy talks footy with Andrew Gode, co-host of the "We Got The Chocolates" podcast. We discuss the following: 1. Review and thoughts on last rounds action 2. Talakai masterclass 3. Legend Rewind: top 5 centre performances 4. Gus trains Bulldogs - bad move or storm in a teacup 5. Roosters demise - will they improve 6. The Tupou tackle Available on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Audible, you can also follow on Twitter @NRL_SC_Allstars. Sponsored by TopSport, use promo code SCALLSTARS to open an account today and get started at

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