NWOTHM Albums from 2008 - Back to Metal 27

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Since I created the channel in 2016, the NWOTHM has expanded immensely. New bands have been formed, others ended or changed significantly. Great albums were released in these last 5 years the channel has been active. Bands featured here are performing as in the biggest festival within our scene, sometimes as main acts. But the NWOTHM started long before 2016 and although it’s almost impossible to decide when it started, we have a few years that are crucial for the movement. On this episode we’ll highlight a few albums released in 2008. You might ask why 2008 and I’ll just say this is the year bands like Enforcer, Portrait and In Solitude released their debut full-lengths, joining RAM and Wolf and putting Sweden at the spearhead of the new wave.
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Grand Magus - Silver into Steel
Bullet - The Rebels Return
Hibria - Reborn from the Ashes
Lonewolf - Shadowland
Ironsword - Death of the Gods
Hellish War - Metal Forever
Battleroar - Hyrkanian Blades
In Solitude - 7th Ghost
Dantesco - La Última Visita de Grendel
Bible of the Devil - Hijack the Night
Portrait - A Ghastly Silence
Enforcer - Mistress of Hell
Metal Law - Heroes Never Die
Sister Sin - Make My Day
Stormwarrior - Lions of the Northe

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