Upcoming Releases Part 2 - Back to Metal 28

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The new episode of "Back to Metal" will highlight 30 upcoming NWOTHM releases. There will be 31 songs instead of 30 as we added an exclusive bonus track. This playlist is proof the traditional metal flame is still burning and it's never gonna die!
Galaxy - Bright Stars 01:45
Ültra Raptör - Gale Runner 06:40
Serpent Rider - The Wretch 11:38
Ezra Brooks - When the Future Fails 16:07
Hitten - Eyes Never Lie 21:18
Black Soul Horde - Beware the Deep 26:51
Split Heaven - Sacred Fire 31:17
Knife - Inside the Electric Church 37:04
Tower - Blood Moon 41:09
Morgul Blade - A Last Waltz of Gevaudan 44:22
Firewölfe - Vicious as the Viper 50:05
Apostle of Solitude - Apathy in Isolation 55:04
Creatures - Children of the Moon 01:02:07
Fortress - Lost Forever 01:07:08
Seven Sisters - The Artifice 01:11:14
Blood Sport - Niterider 01:17:30
Goaten - Bells 01:20:40
Cherokee - Ride by Night 01:24:45
Gravety - Carry On the Flame 01:28:21
Shadowland - Warhound 01:33:09
Michael Schinkel's Eternal Flame - Damien 01:38:45
The Sonic Overlords - Eternal Heroes (Last Days of Babylon) 01:42:43
The Night Eternal - Elysion (Take Me Over) 01:47:19
Lynx - Watcher of Skies 01:52:34
Mega Colossus - Razor City 01:59:12
Insight - Before the Trial 02:06:05
Toledo Steel - Writings on the Wall 02:09:21
Screaming Shadows - Free Me 02:14:41
Eliminator - Silent Stone 02:19:02
Night Cobra - The Serpent’s Kiss 02:23:20
Prelude to Ruin - Dream (Won’t Fade) 02:27:22
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