2: Being a Surgeon and a Feminist in Sierra Leone - a Winning Combination

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Introducing the awe-inspiring doctor and feminist extraodinaire, Dr. Marcella Ryan-Coker. Born, raised, and currently practicing in Sierra Leone, Dr. Ryan-Coker is an esteemed physician and global surgery advocate at the forefront of the inspirative humanitarian movement to improve surgical care in West Africa. She completed her MSc in Global Health and Development in 2018 at the University College London, and is currently completing another MSc in Surgical Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. She currently leads the International Students Surgical Network Sierra Leone National Working Group and is an active member on the Research Council of the Gender Equity Initiative in Global Surgery. Presently, Marcella has set her ambitious eyes on becoming an Orthopaedic Surgeon and we eagerly await the greatness she is destined to achieve.
In this episode, we discuss the complex journey of becoming a healthcare professional in Sierra Leone, as well as some of the challenges that this country faces in terms of supplying quality emergency and surgical care for their residents. After examining some of the solutions being implemented, Marcella passionately touches on some of her own experiences working with the Ministry of Health’s NGO hospitals, as well as her academic journey that evoked her passion in public health and global surgery. She stresses the importance of international agencies tailoring training and care directly to low income communities so that adequate and sustainable solutions can be brought forth. Finally, we have an important conversation regarding the intersection between gender equality and medicine, with specific regards to the barriers faced by women within this field. Marcella emphasizes the significance of having other female role models for support and guidance and she provides some advice for policy improvements that can amend gender equity in training and practice.
Dr. Ryan-Coker's Blog: https://www.scrubsscalpelshighheels.com
instagram: ott_globalsurgery
email: offthetablepod21@gmail.com
patreon: https://www.patreon.com/offthetablepodcast

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