Early Season Hunt Recap

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This week on Episode 1 of the O2 podcast, the crew got together just to give a quick run down of the Ohio Outdoors. Learn about Paul’s obsession with turkeys and game calls, Andrew’s battle with Mosquitoes and poison ivy, and how Corey got shanked by his uncle with a knife. It’s early October in Ohio, so White tail archery season is in full swing. We have all been out a few times, with no real success, but learning as we go. Andrew’s experimentation with the saddle system is discussed, the pro’s and con’s, and Paul’s hesitation to climb a tree. Weather in Ohio, will it ever get cold? Where is that cold front to get the deer up and moving? Wind direction, how to judge it, weather forecasts reliability, and how important it can be in hunting deer. This podcast is a whirlwind, but covers a variety of topics to get you excited about the hunting and outdoor seasons in Ohio year round.

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