The Steam Deck has a PROBLEM that VALVE CAN'T FIX on their own

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Third Party launchers are turning into a major pain point for Valve's Steam Deck. Valve announces 5000 games now on Deck, the Top 10 Steam Deck Games last month, More Steam Decks coming, is Valve making games any more? and Dbrand's Project Killswitch has upset the Steam Deck community!

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0:00 - On Deck 36

0:55 - Project Kill Switch

7:28 - Check your email!

8:48 - Deals on Deck + What's on Deck

13:26 - 5000 Verified and Playable Games on Steam Deck!

18:31 - Top Ten games on Steam Deck - August

22:52 - Valve Steam / Stream Deck?

27:18 - Will Valve start making games again?

33:41 - The Steam Deck has a PROBLEM that VALVE CAN'T FIX on their own

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