Hannah Carmichael: The Practicalities of Living Alone | On the House #8

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The isolating effects of the pandemic and lockdowns have brought into focus the realities of living alone. Overcoming loneliness became more important and finding the right balance to become positively independent. Join us in this week’s discussion as we tackle living solo.

On this episode of On The House: Household Management Insights Podcast, host Gabriella Joustra is joined by Hannah Carmichael, the Director and Co-Founder of the Living Well Alone Project. Hannah is a qualified life coach specializing in helping those living solo build thriving and deeply connected lives - irrespective of their relationship status.

Hannah has gone from 'living alone' to defining and embracing different aspects of solo life. She lives and travels independently, and has recently become a single mum! Hannah is regularly featured on podcasts and in the press talking about solo living, and the company she co-founded. Solo Insights, offers training and consultancy support for organizations interested in better understanding the single/solo market.

Her book 'How To Live Well, Alone' will be out in 2023.

Tag along as Hannah explains the background of her Living Well, Alone project and how it has expanded over the years. Gabriella and Hannah also cover some practicalities of living by yourself and how to celebrate your lifestyle.

Follow Hannah's work via her website at https://livingwellalone.com/ and Instagram at @livingwellalone (https://www.instagram.com/livingwellalone/). Also check out her former coach, Jay Diamond, for the important lesson of self-connection and getting to know yourself better.

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