Conversation with Josephine Oniyama - Singer Songwriter

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In this episode, I talk to the singer songwriter, Josephine Oniyama.

Born and bred in Manchester, Jo grew up listening to her mum’s record collection, never knowing a time when music and writing weren’t her focus.

Starting gigging in her teens, her career took off very quickly, leading her to touring and working with huge names in the industry and eventually recording the widely applauded album ‘Portrait’.

We talk about what it was like to start her career at such a young age, the support she received from teachers and family, the fickle nature of the music industry, why she chose to step away from performing for a few years and where she’s going from here.

Plus, Josephine will be performing at the live event of ‘On the Irregular’ at HOME, Manchester in September.

Welcome to this special bonus episode, with the immense talent, utterly lovely Josephine Oniyama.
Josephine’s new single ‘Tears Will Never be Mine’ from her upcoming album ‘Kindred’ was released on June 3rd through Sound of Solar Records.

You can find Josephine on Instagram @josephineoniyama and on twitter @thisisjosephine.

New Single: 'Tears Will Never Be Mine'

Josephine on Bandcamp

Josephine on Soundcloud

Lady Smith Black Mambazo

Guy Garvey
PostProduction and Jingle: Jon Tipler

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