Screen & Stage Actor Garrett Clayton (King Cobra, Hairspray Live!) Chats Candidly About Life Beyond the Lens

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On this episode of On the Rocks, we get real with stage, screen, and TikTok personality Garrett Clayton about his career, coming out, his relationship, acting technique, challenging yourself, and more! We also get a peek at his performance in the short film The Letter Men. Garrett went from modeling to making a splash on screen on The Disney Channel, then to roles in The Fosters, King Cobra, Hairspray Live, and Don't Hang Up. He also appeared on stage in God Looked Away with Judith Light and Al Pacino, and in a number of musical parodies. After spending years in the closet while maintaining a long relationship and rising career, he came out publicly and has never looked back....and gurrrl, we talk about it all! Hosted by Alexander Rodriguez

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