#152- Salatin's Polyface Micro: Success with Livestock on a Homestead Scale Part 2

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Scott and Karl finish their discussion of Joel Salatin's book Polyface Micro: Success with Livestock on a Homestead Scale.

Success with domestic livestock does not require large land bases. Salatin's goal is to raise animals that yield integrity edible food as evidence of his family's Polyface Farm in Virginia. Scott says, "He's an efficiency expert."

Karl continues, "It's like reading Aristotle. Of course that's the way logic is! But you didn't know it until you read it."

Salatin leaves everything on the table— no trade secrets, no locked doors. Whether you’re a new or seasoned homesteader, you’ll find tips and inspiration as Joel coaches you toward success and abundance. This conversation is brought to you by onlinegreatbooks.com.

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