Psychedelic Breakthroughs and Parental Failures with the Pod's Mom Diana Goodrich

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EP 045 is with the one and only Diana Goodrich, aka Gia’s mom! Diana is an artist and spiritualist who has lived the ups and downs of a full, vibrant life. She peels back the layers of her parenting style, shares how she shows up as her authentic self as a single mom, and gets candid about personal and family challenges.

Through it all, Diana is a deeply thoughtful, caring, and compassionate mom, who wants to love on us all. Are you navigating family stuff this holiday season? Looking to dig into parenting styles? This episode is a model for having candid conversations with our loved ones. You’re going to be inspired.
Topics covered:
- Parenting
-Drugs and spirituality
- Bearing witness for your kids
-Financial challenges

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