Zach Bush, MD on connecting with our infinite potential

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In this Guest Faculty session for Optimize Coaches, Zach Bush MD and Optimize Head Coach Michael Balchan chat about connecting with our greatest potential, how to release ourselves from the fear that holds us back, and the practice of feeling life (vs just doing life). To learn more about Zach Bush MD, visit And, are you ready to reach your full potential and close the gap between who you’re CAPABLE of being and who you’re ACTUALLY being? The 300-Day Optimize Coach program is scientifically proven to help you be the best version of yourself. In addition to our 7-module Mastery Series videos (which systematically walk through the most important facets for Optimizing your life), the program includes frequent Live Coaching sessions to help you actually move from Theory to Practice to Mastery. Zach Bush is one of 60+ Luminaries who have shared their wisdom and ideas with our community in private live sessions just like this. It's time to express the best version of yourself. Check out And, join the next class of Optimize Coach before January 3, 2022 and save $700 USD!!! Yes, Optimize Coach is currently just $300, and you can bring a friend for FREE!

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