Ep149: How Modern Society Is Damaging Your Brain (and the Simple Steps to Reverse It) | with Dr. Dave Jenkins

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If I were to ask you what your greatest asset is in producing quality creative work on a consistent daily basis, you would most likely say your computer, right? Despite technology being incredibly important for your work, ultimately it’s your brain that is responsible for every function you perform and how well you perform creatively depends on the overall health of your brain.

Yet as a creative professional you most likely fuel yourself on a daily basis with caffeine and afternoon sugar rushes, you fend off brain fog and the inevitable afternoon nap, and you’ll deprive yourself of sleep for however long it takes to make your latest project perfect.

But how is your modern lifestyle not only affecting your general health but also your brain health? And how much do you know about what your brain needs to function optimally? What if there were simple steps you could take to improve your brain function so that you have more consistent energy and more creativity throughout the day? What if there were easy ways to improve your mood, reduce stress, anxiety, burnout and even stave off degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's in the process?

My guest today is Dr. Dave Jenkins, co-founder of The More Model. With experience in both the traditional medical fields as well as functional and integrative medicine, Dr. Jenkins specializes specifically in brain health and how we can optimize our brain function and fight back against the “diseases of modern civilization.” He shares with us some encouraging research being done in the field of brain health and cognitive performance and how you can take a proactive role in optimizing your brain power. This conversation will make it clear why paying attention to your brain health is vitally important to your career while giving you simple and practical ways to increase your creativity, productivity, and give you consistent energy to fuel your long days at your workstation (all while extending your life as well).

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Here's What You'll Learn:
  • What sparked Dr. Jenkins interest in studying the brain and getting into functional and integrative medicine.
  • The difference between integrative medicine and functional medicine.
  • Alopathic medicine does not adequately train doctor's in diet and nutrition
  • The reputation of the Cleveland Clinic and how it's at the forefront of functional medicine.
  • What is the MORE Model
  • Alzheimer's is the result of modern life.
  • The research from UCLA doctor Dr. Dale Bredeson that explains why brain cells die and documents the reversal of Alzheimer's in it's early stages.
  • Managing inflammation, coupled with mindfulness meditation and focus is a good recipe for improving brain health.
  • Changing the priority of health is the first step to be take before a doctor can
  • The discovery of the glymphatic system and how it relates to your sleep
  • How bad sleep leads to brain fog and why.
  • Melatonin is a hormone and what you need to understand before taking it.
  • Bumping up nutrient density in your diet is excellent for brain health
  • The special way to eat your broccoli sprouts to extract the most beneficial detox and brain boosting effects.
  • The contributing factors that lead to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's that starts early in life and can be reversed if caught early.
  • White bread is worse than sugar for the brain.
  • The evidence that shows why movement is so crucial for brain health and longevity.
  • The hippocampus is the first pat of the brain that is affected by Alzheimer's. You can grow this part of the brain with exercise.
  • How you can get started creating habits that will improve your brain health.
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Guest Bio:

Dr. Dave Jenkins qualified from Otago University Medical School in New Zealand in 1982. His career included general practice when he had one of the largest rural practices in New Zealand. He is the founder of “The More Model” that helps clients reverse disease and achieve ultimate health and longevity. This includes a special interest in brain fog, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

He has already retired as a doctor (which means he is not currently practicing as nor registered as a doctor) to pursue education through senior lectureships at Auckland medical school, executive director for education for an Asian corporate health project and founding NGO SurfAid International where he currently works part time.

Show Credits:

This episode was edited by Curtis Fritsch, and the show notes were prepared by Debby Germino and published by Glen McNiel.

The original music in the opening and closing of the show is courtesy of Joe Trapanese (who is quite possibly one of the most talented composers on the face of the planet).

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