Former NHL Tough Guy Matt Barnaby sharing insight on his career and Today's NHL

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This week on the Original Sports Podcast we are excited to interview Matthew Barnaby. Barnaby is a retired professional ice hockey right winger. Barnaby played in the NHL for the Buffalo Sabres,Pittsburgh Penguins, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers, Colorado Avalanche, Chicago Blackhawks and the Dallas Stars.

He was drafted by the Buffalo Sabres 83rd overall in the fourth round in the 1992 NHL Entry Draft from the QMJHL where he spent four seasons with three teams and led the league in penalty minutes in consecutive seasons in '92-'93. After completing his Q career he joined the Sabres for the end of 1992-93 season.

Barnaby was known as an agitator who established a full-time role with the Sabres in the 1995-96 recording a career-high in penalty minutes with 335. Although he was known essentially as an on-ice enforcer In 1996-97 Barnaby showed his scoring talents when he scored a career-high 19 goals and 43 points in 68 games.He spent his first seven seasons with the Sabres organization but was traded 1998-99 season, to the Pittsburgh Penguins One of his most celebrated fights came the following season in 2000 against his former Sabre teammate Rob Ray after dining with Ray the previous night.He then moved onto Tampa and from there to the New York Rangers were became a fan favorite in the Big Apple until he was traded to Colorado.Matthew played for the Chicago Blackhawks and the Dallas Stars before succumbing with the effects of a concussion. Barnaby announced his retirement from the NHL in July 2007.

Barnaby lives in Ottawa and is a hockey analyst on The Power Play on SiriusXM channel 91. Since 2019, he has hosted a podcast called "Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby." He has also been heavily involved in charitable work raising money for Alzheimer’s since his grandmother passed away from the disease.

We will talk with Matthew about his early years of hockey playing in the QJMHL, being drafted by the Sabres and his career starting in Buffalo. What it was like playing with several different teams with the role of agitator. We will ask Matthew about his friend and foe relationship with enforcers like Rob Ray and how he sees the league today compared to his playing days. For our “We just gotta know” segment we will have Matthew share the top fighters he faced during his playing career.

You can find Matthew on Twitter @mattbarnaby36
on Instagram @matthewbarnabyunfiltered and on Facebook @
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