MLB Draft League President Kerrick Jackson takes us on a journey of "Baseball Proportions"

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This week's guest on the Original Sports Podcast with Mark Maradei is Kerrick Jackson. Jackson is the President of the MLB Draft League. Prior to his role as MLB Draft League President, Jackson served as the head coach at Southern University, where he took a 9-win team to the NCAA Tournament in just three years. Jackson was named SWAC Coach of the Year for leading the Jaguars to the 2019 Starkville Regional. He has headed up the Diversity Committee in developing minority growth in baseball for both coaches and players. Jackson spent several years recruiting and as a player agent working on the professional and collegiate levels. He coached collegiately for many years that included locations such as Nicholls State, Emporia University and Fairfield University as well as summer wooden bat leagues in Cape Cod and New England Collegiate League.
The fruits of his first year will take place during MLB’s All Star week festivities when players from the MLB Draft League will potentially be drafted after showcasing their talents since late May.
We talk with Kerrick about his passion for baseball as a young man and how he gravitated to the sport from a young age. He will share with us his ascension as a coach, scout and now as the President of the newly-formed MLB Draft League. Kerrick will also discuss the future of the draft league and how that along with getting more minorities back into baseball will grow AMerica’s Game again.
For our “We Just Gotta Know” segment Kerrick talks about his favorite baseball players growing up.
You can find Kerrick on Facebook at Kerrick Jackson
On Twitter @Im_That_Dad_KJ and on Instagram @Kerrick.Jackson.1
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