Episode 124: The Deity of 3D Platformers

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In the 124th episode of Otaku Brothers, Rusty and Ryan share how the last two weeks have gone, which mostly centers around eating nasty hot dogs and watching movies! Then, Ryan shares fresh impressions of Monster Hunter Stories 2. Pokémon meets Monster Hunter? Sounds like the perfect pair for Ryan and a potential disaster for the listeners going forward. Rusty continues with Final Fantasy VII Remake, but also speaks highly of Mail Mole and Hoa, two games you want to keep on your radar. Finally, the Gents end the show with more of Chuck Klosterman’s Supertheticals. Enjoy the episode!

Time Stamps:

0:00 – 9:34 – Usual Life Happenings

9:35 – 20:49 – What He’s Watching – Ryan

20:50 – 31:11 – What He’s Watching – Rusty

31:12 – 41:12 – What He’s Playing – Ryan

41:13 – 1:07:29 – What He’s Playing – Rusty

1:07:30 – 1:30:57 – Chuck Klosterman’s Supertheticals

1:30:58 – 1:41:54 – Closing Remarks

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Otaku Brothers Twitter – https://twitter.com/Otaku_Bros_Pod

Rusty's Twitter – https://twitter.com/relewis2011

Ryan's Twitter – https://twitter.com/DarthCole72

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