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Decode what the World's Top 1% — including iconic founders, renowned investors, and bestselling authors — have mastered and what they've learned along the way. Each week we decode the ideas, strategies, and frameworks used by elite performers in business and life. Past guests include Scott Belsky, Gokul Rajaram, Kevin Kelly, Sir Ronald Cohen, Erling Kagge, along with the founders of Wealthfront, Public.com, Primal Kitchen, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Levels, and Eight Sleep. For more of Outlier Academy, head to www.OutlierAcademy.com for show notes, searchable transcripts, and more. Outlier Academy is a mix of How I Built This, Business Breakdowns, Invest Like The Best, Founder's Field Guide, 20VC (20 Minute VC), The Knowledge Project, What It Takes, and The Tim Ferriss Show.

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