119. Dealing with Climate Grief with Luisa Neubauer

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With only 99 months left until 2030, and COP26 in less than 1, time is ticking on 1.5. And young people know it.

So today, a timely and relevant conversation with Climate Activist, and return guest to Outrage + Optimism, Luisa Neubauer. This time, focusing on climate change and its impact on the mental health and outlook on the future of young people everywhere.

The backdrop to the conversation with Luisa are two recently published studies (One from The Lancet, another from Science.org) examining the psychological effect of climate induced anxiety and perceived government inaction on our youth, and their current and future lived experience of the impact of climate change.

We also consider causes for optimism at the other end of the spectrum as The Eartshot Prize has announced its finalists and is featuring a high profile TV series focusing on the regenerative and transformative projects from small community efforts to public policy driven national initiatives.

A just future is possible. What will we choose?

Hit play, join us for the conversation, and stick around for musical guest this week is the one and only Gizmo Varillas!

Christiana + Tom’s book ‘The Future We Choose’ is available now!

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Mentioned links from the episode:

Earthshot The TV Series featuring Christiana Figueres is now available to view on Discovery+ and BBC iPlayer!

TEDCountdown Summit is next week!

Climate Grief and Anxiety Studies:

Young People's Voices on Climate Anxiety, Government Betrayal and Moral Injury: A Global Phenomenon

Intergenerational Inequities in Exposure to Climate Extremes

Check out the incredible activists Christiana and Paul met in Dubai:

HE Dr. Nawal Al-Hosany

permanent representative of the UAE to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

The UAE Mission to IRENA

Twitter | Instagram

Nisreen Elsaim

Chair, UN Secretary General's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change

Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Heeta Lakhani

Global Focal Point, YOUNGO and Director, UmeUs United Pvt. Ltd.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

Children and Youth constituency to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (YOUNGO)

Twitter | Linktr.ee | Website | Instagram

Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16)

Twitter | Website | Instagram

A recommendation from Clay:

Go listen to ‘The Flock’ - An epic audio drama about rising up against environmental destruction - From the view of birds!

Thank you to our guest this week, Luisa Neubauer!

Luisa Neubauer

Twitter | Instagram

Check out her podcast:

1.5 Degrees

And of course, her incredible TED Talk

Learn more about Fridays For Future

Amazing music this week was from Gizmo Varillas!

Gizmo Varillas

Music | Website | Vinyl

Keep up with Christiana Figueres here:

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Tom Rivett-Carnac:

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Paul Dickinson:

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