S3 Ep97: Dry January with Madeline Forrest: Happiest Sober

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In this episode we chat to Madeline Forrest, known as Happiest Sober!
Madeline gave up alcohol in November 2020 when she was 27 years old. She now, like us, sings about sobriety on her Instagram page and her Happiest Sober podcast, and this is a really joyful and insightful conversation.
Madeline had two alcoholic parents - her Mum gave up in her early 20s, but she talks to us about how her Dad relapsed when she was young. Alcohol was therefore always a pretty big topic of conversation in her house, as Madeline puts it - but she still drank herself when she was able to, before giving up for good just over two years ago.
Madeline talked to us from Toronto, so we also talked about how Canada has been making the alcohol-free headlines this week after Health Canada released new guidelines about drinking. We also have a really interesting conversation about the need for more education around alcohol, especially in schools.
If you'd like to know more about Madeline, you can follow her @happiestsober on Instagram - or to listen to her podcast, search for "Happiest Sober" in your podcast app!
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