Drowning In Screen Time

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Parenting Pathway Podcast meets Author David Murrow to discuss his new book Drowning in Screen Time.

In the last year, screens have crept into every area of our lives. Movies, TV, games, streaming services, and even digital books have kept us entertained and in our homes. We are working from home and spend entire days on video calls and the computer. Our kids attend class over a computer screen. Then, we wrap up a typical day by binge-watching something on Netflix.

At first, this seemed like the best solution, but now as we start to expand life outside our pandemic bubble, the pull to stay tethered to our screens seems unbreakable. Are you or members of your family finding it hard to step into face-to-face relationships?

This week, Student Ministry Youth Pastor, Nathan Kocurek talks with David Murrow, author of Drowning in Screen Time.

David Murrow has worked in the media and news industry his entire career. As an insider in the screen-addiction business, David set out on a journey to understand why we get addicted to screens so quickly and how to achieve a healthy screen balance so we don’t get sucked in for hours on end. In his book, David provides adults, teens, and parents with tips on stepping away from screens, living a more joy-filled life, and helping others discover the freedom of living in the present.

David says, “I write…as a man who almost drowned in screen time. I didn’t realize I was in over my head, neglecting the important things, and hurting the people I love…I was slowly losing touch with the real world. My body was home, but my mind was in cyberspace. I didn’t notice my absence, but my wife and kids did.”

This podcast brings four suggestions for families to make the transition from drowning in screen time to living life focusing on Godly Priorities.

You can purchase David’s book, Drowning in Screen Time wherever you buy books or on his website DavidMurrow.com

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