God's Grace In Marriage & Divorce

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We need to walk away from this text this morning feeling the sacred gravitas of marriage. Friends it is not ok to leave just because you are unhappy. The world might tell you that. After all, you only live once so why should you have to spend it in an unhappy marriage, right- We've all heard that one before. But we live under the lordship of Christ, who calls us to a deeper way of living, and whose love for his bride the church should be reflected in our marriages. You see marriage is a living breathing witness to the gospel -- a Savior who gave his life for a chosen bride and who loves his people even in their sin and unfaithfulness. No, our marriages don't measure up to Christ's sacrificial love for his people, but friends make no mistake- good, bad, or somewhere in between, they all point to that reality. Marriage points us to Christ.

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