(S3Ep1) Go Big Or Go Home! (W/Sean Trainor)

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Join Holly, Madi and Sean as we go on the cringiest episode of Parks yet! Ann goes out with Chris to entice him to give money to the Parks department and Leslie throws her under the bus for it. Tough look. Meanwhile, Andy is in love with April but she has a new Venezuelan boyfriend! And then Ron flaunts his new lover Wendy so Tom is a jerk to Lucy at the basketball game making everyone look awful and selfish. Oh dear, chaos! But now we have the Harvest Festival idea, yay!!!! Thanks to David Trice for sending in a voice memo about what it was like to hit on Chris Traeger at the Bulge, we appreciate you!
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Madi and Holly

Music by @seantrainormusic
Art cover by @sketch.it.snips

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