Re-Release: Our Conversation with Vincent Jones! (Theme Song Goodness!)

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This week we are re-airing one of our most favorite episodes and our very first interview ever, Vincent Jones!!!! We talked about Vincent last year so we wanted to go ahead and share this for those of you who haven't heard! Even if you have, this one is a treat and such a fun time to hear true behind the scenes stories: can you even imagine Parks without this theme song?! We'll be back for fresh episodes in two weeks because podcasting is a real job and we all need a break sometimes. Enjoy this spring weather and enjoy Vincent!
We got Vincent! (Sing to the tune of "We Got Annie") Composer Vincent Jones wrote the theme song of Parks and Recreation with Gaby Moreno and has worked on other amazing shows like Grownish, Black AF, F is for Family and a number of features! He also talked to us about his time in Grapes of Wrath, his work with our Queen Sarah McLaughlin and we got some great inside knowledge on composers and musicians in LA. Thank you Vincent, you are our hero! So excited for everyone to hear this one! What a guy.
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