A Game-Changing Year for Biosimilars

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This year, six biosimilars for the top-selling medicine, Humira, will enter the market, with the first launching on January 31, 2023. Increased competition from biosimilars can drive down costs. But experts argue that insurers and pharmacy benefit managers will receive those savings – not patients.

On this episode, hear from pharmacists, health economists, patient advocates, and health care experts about what biosimilar milestones 2023 will bring for patients. Plus, how to fix the system so that patients get the cost-savings they need.

And listen to Brandi Privitera’s story, where she discusses her health care journey with fibromyalgia and lends advice to fellow parents who live with a chronic illness.


Terry Wilcox, CEO, Patients Rising

Dr. Robert Goldberg, “Dr. Bob,” Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest


Robert Popovian, PharmD, Chief Science Policy Officer, Global Healthy Living Foundation

Wayne Winegarden, PhD, Senior Fellow and Director of Medical Economics, Pacific Research Institute

Peter Pitts, President, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

Vickie Wilkerson, Patient Advocate

Sameer Awsare, MD, Executive Director, The Permanente Medical Group

Brandi Privitera, Founder, BeingFibroMom.com

Kristy Birchard, Patient Correspondent


Special Report: The Biosimilars Market in 2023: Important Trends and Milestones for Chronic Disease Patients

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