New Innovations Improve Cancer Care

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Over the past 30 years, cancer death rates have declined by 33%. Ahead of World Cancer Day, hematologist Dr. Rafael Fonseca joins the podcast to talk about the latest innovations and improvements in cancer care delivery that have contributed to this decline.

Plus, many patients with chronic diseases depend on employer-sponsored health plans. But losing a job and the health insurance that comes with it can leave patients scrambling for a plan that doesn’t interrupt their care. Montana Kirby shares her experience with this situation, what to know about COBRA health plans, and her advice for patients who may find themselves in a similar scenario.


Terry Wilcox, CEO, Patients Rising

Dr. Robert Goldberg, “Dr. Bob,” Co-Founder and Vice President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest


Rafael Fonseca, MD, Chief Innovation Officer, Mayo Clinic in Arizona

Montana Kirby, Patient Advocate

Sherri Gorbett, Patient Correspondent


States jump into fight over prior authorization requirements

When Prior Authorization Practices Go Too Far

US cancer death rates falls 33% since 1991, partly due to advances in treatment, early detection and less smoking, report says

What young adults need to know about health insurance enrollment

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