Happy BiRthday Ted! Oh the Places You‘ll See

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Special Edition of Peace Love and BRing a Bat in honoR of National Reading Day and Dr. Seuss's BiRthday.

We have all heaRd of Dr. Seuss and I would Risk much to say that we have all Read one of his books at one time oR anotheR. Today's pop-up episode was cReated early in the morning of March 2nd 2021 because of a dream I had.

The dReam was Related to some Seussisms about "Oh those Places You'll See" and how when we "Read with our Eyes Shut" we might miss much.

I hope you will enjoy the episode and do something in a magical and inspiRational way to make you Remember .....

"Today you aRe you that is tRuer than tRue. TheRe is no one alive who is youer then you" - Dr. Suess

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