Entering the Human Arts Lab with Marisa Zalabak

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Today we enter the Human Arts Lab that has been created by Marisa Zalabak. Marisa is an educational psychologist, author, Tedx speaker and founder of the Open Channel Culture as well as the creator of the Human Arts Lab.

Marisa will talk to us about some of the work she is involved in regarding being and training others about organizational leadership, how using AI will add to our creative thinking, planting seeds of social justice and making her world a better place by finding ways to figure it out one thought at a time.

You can out more about Marisa below:

Charitable Cause: Claim Our Space

A resource created by young Black & Brown activists providing information and inspiration to educate, motivate, and mobilize in the effort of dismantling the systems built to maintain white supremacy.


Educational Fire Drills for Flourishing | Marisa Zalabak | TEDxFarmingdale


The Unique Role of Humanity in the Age of AI / Marisa Zalabak / Speakers Who Dare NYC 2020


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