We Rock the Spectrum with Dina Kimmel

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April is Autism Awareness month and as an effort to move the dial on stigmas around people, places and experiences involving people on the spectrum I want to invite you to meet a few amazing people who are doing their part to change the stigmas and providing safe spaces to teach and learn.

“Finding a Place You Never Have to Say Sorry” is the wish of many parents of special needs children. Dina Kimmel knew that feeling all too well, and as the parent of a son diagnosed with autism she knew that she needed to find a solution. That solution started first in her home with her husband and her remodeling the their home. Eventually it became the “home away from home” which became a respite for “her kiddos”, caregivers who wanted to “Play with a Purpose” and find a safe place where EVERYONE could be included in the fun times – We Rock the Spectrum Gyms was born! We Rock the Spectrum Gyms are now worldwide with over 100 locations in 8 countries for “People of Determination” who just want to have some fun. During this year of the pandemic, Dina and her team of heroes lead the way in their communities to bring a level of stability to lives.


Dina created a 501(c)(3) organization – My Brother Rocks the Spectrum Foundation to support children and families.


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